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Virtual Gastric Band™ Weight Loss Programme
Wellness Hypnotherapist -- IBS, Sleep, Depression
The One-Session Direct Hypnotherapist
The Grief Processor™
Dark Field Microscopist
Animal Communicator
Official Practitioner and Trainer - Sheila Granger's
Virtual Gastric Band™
Licensed Clinical Hypnotherapist
Certified Jeffrey Stephens Protocol™ Practitioner
Hypnotherapy School Owner
Board Certified Holistic Psychology Master Counselor
Certified Counseling Intuitive

Dark Field Microscopist, with Dr. David Spillman




"Marie knew me better than I knew myself."

  Robyn J. – Santa Clara, CA

"Marie is truly a Life Path Guide, keeping me on track and helping me see the big picture.”

Donna R. Santa Cruz, CA

“Marie brings a breath of healing knowledge with a connection to the higher spiritual vibration.."

Jason R. – Denver, CO

“The Virtual Gastric Band weight loss process is the most effective, and sustainable, weight loss program I have used.”

Scott G. – New York

"My cat tells me when its time to talk with Marie by sitting on my shoulder when I’m reading and writing emails.”

Chandra S. Philadelphia, PA

“We had tried everything, and we couldn’t identify what was wrong with my horse.  My horse showed Marie where to look, which turned out to be an uncommon problem.”

Linda C. – Orange, CA

“Marie’s gentle energy balancing techniques left me with a deep sense of healing, well being, and clarity.”

Mildred M. Nova Scotia, Canada

“I use the emotional attuning and calming techniques that Marie has taught me every day. These techniques are a true gift."

Georgia T. – Huntington Beach, CA

"Marie's intuition is truthful, objective, non-biased, and provides a person with a genuine feeling that she cares. Also, Marie helped with various pets, ensuring that they were happy as well as being a good fit within my family..”

Amy D. Austin, TX

“Thanks to the tools and techniques learned from Marie, I make healthier and wiser life choices both personally and professionally.”

Angela R. -- Sydney, Australia

“The Holistic Psychology Program has made such a positive change in my life. I am now aware how my thoughts truly impact my life and how I'm living it.”

Jordon L. – London, UK





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