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Hypnosis for Professional Success

Additional programs for Personal Success include:

  • Sales Success

  • Hypnosis for Sports Success

Sales Success

Be the top sales performer each quarter!

Brain training for Sales Success!

This three session program focuses on the main issues within the sales environment:

  • Having a clear goal/vision

  • Motivation

  • Staying positive - despite set backs.

  • Being mindful.

  • Taking small steps to create improvement in just one area each week.

These guidelines for success are integrated into this program:

  • Set yourself up for a great day with positive attitude

  • Commit to managing your self-talk and your mindset

  • Track your daily wins

  • Practice self-relaxation and self-hypnosis

Maintain your focus and success mindset during the sales process, especially during times when you must:

  • Maintain your motivation

  • Establish qualified goals

  • Remember the details

  • Pace the conversation

  • Improve rapport building by improving communication

  • Be pleased and inquiring into the "no"

  • Handle challenging objections with positive questioning

  • Sell the right benefit

This is not a short-term fix; it's creating skills for life. If the sales rep uses these "tools" they will develop lifetime habits for being calmer, more resilient to pressures and always perform at their very best.

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Hypnosis for Sports Success

Keep your focus on success and resolve the sabotaging self-talk and behaviors!

How much of sports is a "head game"? How important is focus?


Many successful athletes and olympians have used hypnosis to increase and maintain their success.

Sports hypnosis is effective for all levels of athletes, from the beginner to the professional; the child to the adult.

In these three sessions, you will learn how to:

  • Increase confidence

  • Use the power of selective focus

  • Establish self-talk that supports achievement

  • Recover focus when distracted

  • Maintain your success orientation

  • Turn an error into a benefit

  • Replace anger and frustration with success

  • Dump any negativity

  • Reinforce successful technique

This three-session hypnosis program includes:

  • Skills and techniques for use before, during, and after the event.

  • How to establish a personal mind-set of success.

  • Techniques to increase confidence and self-assurance.

  • Tools that enhance performance, improve mental toughness, and manage negative self-talk and other distractions.

  • Restoring getting back on track to winning.

Life, in general, improves because every aspect of life benefits from learning how to:

  • Build confidence

  • Maintain focus

  • Manage anxiety

  • Control emotions, such as anger and frustration

  • Improve motivation

  • Set a stage for success

Register at Book Online under the Classes tab.

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