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Dark Field Microscopy

Do You Have Healthy, Powerful Blood?


Transformational live cell analysis allows you to see the present state of your health. You can make immediate dietary and lifestyle changes to reclaim vibrant health, wellness, energy -- and thrive!!!

Why Dark Field Microscopy?

By monitoring, repairing, and maintaining the condition of your blood -- and applying the recommendations -- you mitigate conditions that may negatively affect your health and vitality -- and you enhance your overall wellness!

Dark Field Microscopy Analysis

The process is simple, efficient, and accurate. A drop of blood from your fingertip is placed on a slide, under a glass cover slip. The slide is viewed with a microscope at high magnification; 100x magnification to be precise. The microscopic image is forwarded to a video monitor so that you can see your blood cells.

Your blood plays a central role in your overall health. Through dark field microscopy, you can observe your red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets (blood elements). The analysis may identify toxicity, tendencies to an allergic reaction, excess fat circulation, liver weakness, and stress management.

Realize, live cell analysis is not a diagnostic procedure for an illness or a specific disease. Live cell analysis is ideal for identifying the healthiest diet and the most effective supplementation, such as enzymes.

Live cell analysis cannot show your:

  • Blood type

  • pH -- the alkaline/acid balance

  • Blood sugar level

Heal Your Blood -- Heal Your Life!

The objective with live cell analysis is to restore and maintain balanced homeostasis so that you may stay well and live well.


Methodically improve:

  • Weight and Health Management

    • Stimulate full-body detoxification

    • Eat foods that support health

    • Naturally consuming smaller meal portions without feeling hungry

    • Reduce food cravings and snacking

    • Stabilize blood sugar

  • Overall Health and Resiliency

    • Increase absorption and activation of minerals, hormones, vitamins, and antibodies

    • Promote enzyme efficiency
    • Heighten circulation and blood flow

    • Improve stamina

    • Enhance sleep and rest

  • Identify many health problems at initial stages

  • Detect physical imbalances and disorders early

  • Listen to your body's needs

  • Develop complete body homeostasis

Analysis could be the difference between living a healthy, energetic life or not feeling as well as you should! Choose wellness!

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