Animal Communication

Providing alternative therapies and education for the support of your animal’s physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

How I Came to Animal Communication

I came to Animal Communication through what I call Divine Intervention. A blessed, black German Shepherd named Bear was hit bolting across a road by the vehicle in front of me. (Bear is fine.) Through Bear, I learned that I had two wonderful gifts: communication with and connecting healing energy with animals. Bear, and other animals since, have taught me many life lessons and healing techniques.

Recently, a beautiful dog, who was getting ready to leave, asked me to share some life advice with her person. When you're having a challenging time, follow this dog's sage advice:

  • Be a dog!

    • Live in the now.

    • Be loving and grateful.

    • Be grounded.

    • Woof! when necessary.

Animal Communication

Animal communication:

  • Enhances understanding between you and your animal companion.

  • Amplifies the existing bond and connection.

  • Enables you to provide optimal care, especially with chronic illness, pre- and post-surgery, and with sick or injured animal companions.

  • Facilitates better relationships in the household, both fur and non-fur.

  • Assists with behavioral situations, recovery from abuse or neglect, travel, multi-pet homes, and relocation.

  • Provides reassurance when a sleep-over away from you is required.

  • Assists with grief processing with the loss of your animal companion.

  • Provides guidance and peace of mind for you.

Energy Healing for Animals

Energy healing:

  • Acknowledges the animal as the healer

  • Connects with Quantum Touch healing energy

  • Allows the animal to tap into his/her healing life force energy

  • Valuable for animals needing emergency or additional healing and wellness energy

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