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Virtual Grief Processing

Currently in Trials

  • 3 hours
  • 375 US dollars
  • Online

Service Description

Most of us have experienced a loss – a loved one, a beloved animal companion, a job, a friend. These losses may be recent or from anytime in our life. Unresolved grief is common, since most of us have never learned how to grieve. If you are experiencing unexpected moments of welling up or tears; weight retention, despite weight-loss efforts and exercise; appetite issues or digestive issues; getting sick more often; struggling with fatigue, tiredness, sleeplessness, or insomnia; or symptoms of guilt and self reproach and panic attacks – you have unresolved grief blocking your joy and happiness. Marie Diane Schilly — The Grief Processor – and author of the chapter Always Blessings in the book Path To Success, is also a wellness educator, licensed hypnotherapist managing a hypnotherapy school, and a life coach. The Virtual Grief Process uses the power of hypnosis to uncover and resolve residual grief and its physical manifestations. Remember, suffering is optional. This program enables you to rediscover your ability to be happy, healthy, and to remember with joy, without feeling broken hearted or sad. Imagine living and loving to your fullest potential and being able to enjoy your life again. The Virtual Grief Process can be undertaken quickly, privately, and of course, requires no costly on-going therapeutic treatment. ​ Register at Book Online under the Services tab for individual sessions and under the Classes tab for group sessions. ​

Contact Details

+001 4086565061

San Leandro, CA, USA

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